Ninja Warrior

Stealth and speed are the game as Ben brings you Ninja Warrior, the toughest obstacle course on television!

Already a smash hit in the USA, Sweden, Malaysia and Japan, Ninja Warrior UK is hosted by Ben Shephard and fellow Goals On Sunday co-presenter Chris Kamara, and Rochelle Humes. 

The entertainment battle series sees the ultimate test of strength, speed and courage as viewers watch contestants pushed to their limits in their toughest ever challenge.

Contestants from all walks of life - ranging from 'Have a Go Heroes' to 'Superhuman Athletes' - are invited to take on the mighty assault course, from those who can superbly execute the course to those who spectacularly fail, crashing out of the course into the pits of water below!

Each section of the combat course is laden with jaw-dropping challenges, heart-stopping excitement and adrenaline-pumped action as the contestants attempt to complete three punishing and potentially hilarious stages.

250 ambitious competitors will start but only a few will successfully overcome the toughest obstacle course ever seen on British Television.

Can any survive to the end to face the scaling tower, named Mount Midoriyama, and be crowned 'Ninja Warrior UK'?

Even host Ben couldn’t resist the challenge of TV’s toughest obstacle course, Ninja Warrior UK...

Starting with the Quintuple Steps, Ben had to jump onto five steps set at a significant distance, positioned above a pool of water. From here, he then hung tight to the Log Grip – a mechanism which hurtles its challenger from one part of the course to another.  

The next phase saw Ben trampoline across water, land on a net and climb down on to a ledge, at which point he navigated the four Curtain Sliders, an obstacle where Ben had to swing from each curtain whilst avoiding falling in the wet beneath. Finally, Ben attempted the curved Warped Wall obstacle cheered on by fellow hosts Rochelle Humes and Chris Kamara.