What’s Cooking? From The Sainsbury’s Kitchen

Ben and Lisa Faulkner co-present What’s Cooking? From The Sainsbury’s Kitchen – a new weekday cooking show on Channel 4.

The show, which is hosted in a special studio from Sainsbury’s Beckton store in front of a studio audience, features celebrity guests and well known chefs cooking up recipes to suit every budget and taste. Everyday the programme features at least three recipes which aim to offer something for everyone, whether they want to cook something fast, something for less or something surprising.

The audience at home will also be able to get involved and ask questions through Twitter and Facebook, and viewers can visit the What’s Cooking scrapbook at www.channel4.com/whatscooking to collect and keep all the recipes, videos and information featured in each show from the Sainsbury’s Live Well For Less website.

"I'm fascinated by people - or nosey as my mum always says - so meeting and chatting with our guests each day will be great,” Ben says. “I'm about as useful in the kitchen as a chocolate teapot, but I'm a lover of food so I'm sure I'll be inspired by all the delicious things that are going to be created.”

Ben is equally excited to be teaming up with Lisa Faulkner, saying: “Not only is Lisa gorgeous, but she is just so passionate about food, which is really infectious. She makes me want to learn more and try more - I can't wait to get started with her. I think it will be hilarious, we're going to have naked flames, food, cooking, live TV and probably more hair spray than could sink a ship - what could possibly go wrong?"

Watch Ben and Lisa reveal their culinary expertise in the show trailer!